How to prepare for TOEFL || How I studied || Practice Tests Links || Score 110+

Since when I started giving advice to people about how to study!?!

Anyway, Greetings y’all!

TOEFL – Test Of English as a Foreign Language – is one of the easiest exams that you can take if you think you have an advanced English knowledge.

As for me,  I am an Indian who had English as the main language since I started going to school. Although, it is not my mother tongue, I am pretty comfortable with the language.

I booked for the TOEFL exam just 10 days before the exam date, which left me with just a week to study.

So this is how my study plan looked like with 8 days of study.

I first took a sample test to check where I stand and where I need to concentrate or work more. Take a sample test now in to check where you are before starting your prep.

There are four sections in this test. 1) Reading 2)Listening 3)Speaking 4)Writing.

Each section carries 30 marks which adds up to 120 in total. We ll go section by section to see how to prepare and how you can aim for a better score.

I scored 103. From my experience I will explain what can be done to score 110+.

Reading Section

Take a lot of reading practice test, read them and answer the questions back to back. You might find it hard to read three passages in one hour. Set time and take the test. Take 3 reading passage exercise in one hour. Don’t do the mistake of reading the entire passage and then going on to the questions. Read the question first, and then read the necessary paragraphs. By the 6 or 7 questions you would have covered the entire passage which will help you in answering the summary questions. You have 20 minutes for each passage in the test so practice the same way.

Listening Section

Take listening section seriously because you will listen the lecture or the conversation only once. You cannot go back and listen again. Write down only what is necessary (i.e,) years, dates, numbers, names, quotes, types or list. Don’t waste time by writing down everything. Practice by remembering it rather than taking notes. Give your full concentration in what you listen as that’s the only way you can answer the questions. There are six sections in this, with multiple choice questions.

Speaking Section

Speaking can be tricky. Learning to speak English is not a week’s task. It’s something you learn over the years. There will be three speaking exercises- one you have to read and then speak about it, the other you listen to a lecture and speak about it and the last is you listen to a conversation and speak about it sharing a solution of your own. Take notes of the main ideas of the topic. You get a preparation time of 15-30seconds before speaking. Use that time well. Mostly, people struggle to begin a sentence, write down how you want to start every sentence in the prep time, so that you can start without any problem. Number your points, be fast in telling what you want to tell as you get only 45-60 seconds to answer your question, speak at a consistent rate. Make sure you talk all the required points. Space your words and speak clearly. Numbering points and writing down the beginning of each sentence helped me get 30 in this section.

Writing Section

This is the easiest section according to me. There are two exercises in this section.

First one, you read a passage, then you listen to a lecture and summarize the points and compare them in 20 minutes. You should not give your personal opinion in the first exercise. You will be able to see the passage while you write your answer. Do not copy the sentences exactly from the passage or the lecture. Explain the idea in your own words. Listen to the lecture carefully as it will be in contrast to the passage that you read. Note every contrasting point and compare it to the passage.

Second one, they give you a general topic and ask you to write 300 words about it in 30 minutes. You get ample amount of time to write this. Do it step by step, explain the scenario, pick a side and give examples to support your side. Allot the last five minutes to read through everything and correct any grammar or punctuation.

Links to take practice test :

If you sign up for Magoosh, then take 3 practice tests fully. And practice all the questions in it.

The thing about this exam is how much ever you prepare, you really need to concentrate on the test day to put your preparation to good use. Keep your mind empty and fresh.

With a relaxed mind you can easily score 110+.

Good vibes!


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