How I lost 15 pounds in 3 months || Real story ||Diet and workout || Healthy way ||

I wish to eat whatever I want and never gain weight” would definitely be one of my wishes if God ever decides to come down and grant me wishes!! You can ask me any day and I would not change it.🤓

Hello readers!

I lost 15 pounds in three months. I followed a healthy weight loss diet and one hour of everyday workout. I am going to share my experience and tips.

Losing weight, maintaining weight or toning body is a never ending obsession. Everybody wants to lose weight. And I am not talking about zero size or ‘the perfect body’ that you see on TV or magazines, just a feel-good-about-yourself kind of workout and diet.

I didn’t follow a strict vegan or a paleo. I decided to put all the carbs to bay and included a lot of millets, vegetables and fruits. I included meat too. Yay!😁

There was one magic drink that helped me in the whole process.

Boil water with cinnamon sticks, filter it out, add lemon and honey. I had it every morning in my empty stomach. This is a great detox drink. It cleansed my body, helped with my skin issues and acted as a catalyst in my weight loss by increasing my metabolism.

I will give a list of all three courses meal options.


1) Bowl of banana and cocoa sprinkled on it.

2) A bowl of salad that had diced apples, lettuce, pomegranate, crushed walnuts and lemon-pepper seasoning.

3) Apple-Banana-Dates Smoothie

4) Sliced watermelon or some fruits.

5) Cereals (rarely, as dairy was not included)


1) Finger millet porridge or mostly pancakes with thick coconut and chilli chutney on sides.

2) Bengal gram patties – steamed not fried topped with lemon juice and sautéed onions.

3) Chappathi and mushroom

4) Chicken and sautéed vegetables of my choice ( carrots, bottle gourd, ivy gourd, beans or spinach )

5) Fish with the sautéed vegetables.

The chicken and fish were mostly grilled.


1) Shredded carrot, beets and peanuts. Lemon and salt for seasoning.

2) Horse gram porridge or pancakes.

3) Corn or mushroom soup. A whole fruit.

4) Oats

5) Large bowl of sautéed or steamed vegetables.

6) Meat with vegetables.

Note: It was first a no-dairy diet. As it is not really a good combination with the detox drink. But I had a cup of coffee with milk maybe twice or thrice a week.

To be honest, there were cheat days. I was on a vacation in between. So yes, I can say I stuck to the diet for rest of the days.

Whenever I was hungry, I ate a lot fruits like apples, pineapples, bananas, watermelon or get some fresh juice.

A handful of peanuts or walnuts or dates would satisfy my 6 o clock evening snack cravings.

I always made sure I never starved. That’s the key!


I was kind of strict with my workout everyday. My detox drink demanded everyday work out. The drink works better with workout everyday, you tend to lose more calories than you usually do.

I didn’t use a gym but I had treadmill at home. When I didn’t feel like walking I did cardio at home. I jumped ropes. I danced.

I made sure I sweated out for at least an hour. Made me feel so good and helped me sleep very well.


I saw my cheeks and double chin pull in within ten days. But nothing reflected on my weight.

I was kind of flipping out because I saw no change in my weight for over 15 days. I stopped checking my weight for a while. I just followed the diet and workout.

After 25 days, I noticed about 4.5 pounds dropped just like that.

By the end of two months, I dropped another 6 pounds.

The last month was hardest and losing pounds was a bit draggy. The detox drink really helped the whole process. And lost almost 5 pounds in that month.

My sister and I followed this diet and we helped each other throughout. And to follow this diet, you need help with cooking. Thanks mom.

This plan worked for me to get ready for my big day. So if you want to knock out some extra weight and you are on a clock then this would work out perfectly well for you!


Thank you for reading!


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