My Lipstick Collection || My Tiny collection ||

Hey people!

Lipstick collection videos in YouTube are always viral, that are hitting millions of views. I am so happy to be doing this in here.

I would put out a small disclaimer before starting. I feel the interpretation of the term ‘lipstick collection’ is totally different from person to person. For some, my collection is the smallest and for some this could be too much. According to me, I have a tad excess to my real necessity but I always want moreee!

Lipsticks are my favorite. Sometimes or most of the times they are the only makeup that I wear!

I am not a very big fan of bold lips, I am a nude lip person. So I do have a lot of nudes. Sometimes I go bold, depends on my dress, place and mood.

Starting from the liquid lipsticks

These ones are the cheapest liquid mattes that I have. I got them in Platinum mall in Bangkok, Thailand. I went so crazy with the skincare I found there. But these liquid mattes from Sivanna Soft Matte and Kiss Beauty Liquid Matte were actually good.

These are definitely not long wear but they are so matte and not drying at all. If you are on a budget, these are great options. I also have swatches for everything.

The following are drugstore liquid lipsticks

I love the NYX Soft Matte Lip cream ( Shade – Amsterdam). The Revlon Ultra Matte is in shade ‘Flirtation’, I love the color but it is a little drying to me. The other NYX is a butter gloss, it’s not Matte. The last one is from ‘The Body Shop‘ in the shade Windsor Rose. I love this nude and also has a nice fragrance.

The next one is from Victoria’s Secret liquid mattes and gloss. I love that pink shade. It flatters my skin tone so much. It’s my go-to bold lip and it’s long wearing. Trust me, I jumped into a Cenote with it in Mexico and yet it lasted on my lips. One of my must haves. Must have. 😍

I went a little crazy with the lipglosses. 😬

Below are my lipstick bullets

This one is from City Color in the shade Phoebe, this was a part of my other subscription bag. I underestimated this one at the beginning but I was wrong. It is a beautiful shade, it’s matte and long-lasting.

These three lipsticks are from an Indian brand Nykaa, they are amazing that I bought three of them. They are available in Nykaa as well as Amazon. My shades are Orange Vice, Royal honey and Purple monster. They are really good.

Everyone’s got a Maybelline lipstick in their stash. These are my favorites, I had to throw out a few from the Color sensational range. My shades are Big Apple Red, Pop of Pink and Rock the coral.

A little high-end lipsticks..

I own only a single MAC lipstick in the shade Vegas Volt, which washes me out. Maybe I was kind of disappointed so didn’t buy anymore. But I do have some shades in my mind which I will buy shortly.

These little precious ones are fromΒ Estee Lauder, I love them so much. These are perfect nudes for me and I also love the red one in here.

I am not a lipgloss person, but i do have one from Estee Lauder again. I would top it over on dark colors to lighten it up a bit.

That’s it for my tiny collection of lipsticks. πŸ™‚


Thank you.. If you do have a lipstick collection blog, do leave in comments. I would loveee to see. 😊😊😊😍




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  1. Thought for change says:

    That’s a lot.πŸ’„

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    1. MrsVJ says:

      Haha I know! πŸ˜ƒ

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